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Subject to the current consumers’ statutory rights and responsibilities under the NSW Trade Practices Act and other relevant legislations in Australia, all entitlements and the liability of Koman's Business Pty Ltd (the 'Koman') are expressly limited to the cost of the service being provided.

Koman does not support illegal or unauthorized software products and will not provide any computer service related to or depending on them.

Koman may in agreement with the clients provide additional service beyond the scope of the original work request. In which case, Koman may perform the job to the best of the its ability, but make no guarantees as to the quality of the service nor does Koman accept responsibility and liability for ongoing computer-related problems.

Koman makes no guarantee nor accept any responsibility for any consequential direct or indirect loss or damage, resulting from technical and operational matters or from delays of any nature or cause whatsoever.

All matters relating to warranty claims are the responsibility of the clients and Koman accepts no responsibility or liability, whatsoever for the consequence of any breaches of warranty.

The clients must give a minimum of 12 hours notice if they wish to re-arrange an appointment, otherwise,Koman may, at its own discretion, charge one hour as cancellation fee before Koman is required to re-schedule a new appointment.

When an appointment is made, the clients agree to attend at the time of the appointment and have the equipment and/or parts required for the work agreed. Otherwise, Koman may:-

    charge one hour as waiting time and if the clients do not accept and pay this charge prior to commencement by cash or business cheque , Koman may deduct the time from time allocated for the service; or

    make an alternative time whereby the clients agree to pay Koman one hour for travelling time.
If the service cannot be completed because of equipment failure or missing parts, the clients may pay Koman to fix the problem if Koman is able or resolve the issues through their associates, in which case,one hour will be charged for Koman and must paid for a second visit.

Koman does not acknowledge that a product manufacture specified environmental or minimum system requirements are correct. Koman reserves the right to either modify them as a condition of providing a service or not to provide the service, if Koman perceives the products are prohibitive to meeting its obligations for the service.

The clients are responsible for payment of abnormal out of pocket expense, incurred by Koman in attending a job.

Koman is not responsible for hardware, software or internet related technical problems unless they fall within the scope of the agreed work, but may at their discretion fix any such problems, provided the clients are prepared to pay for any extra time required, by cash or business cheque, at the time of the work being done.

If the service exceeds the specified time because of technical problems encountered or additional services required, a charge of a hourly rate per hour for extra time applicable. Extra time is at the sole discretion of and subject to Koman availability.

Gift Voucher:
    Not transferable to a third party.
    Cannot be redeamed for cash.
    Valid until expiry date.
    Redemption of gift certification is subject to service availability at the time of booking and is for service sites within the Sydney Metropolitian Area.
    Koman's Computer Support reserves the right to refuse redemption of and gift certificates.
    Terms and conditions may be changed without prior notice.
These terms and conditions are subject to change without prior notice. This document was last updated on 19 May 2009.

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