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Monitoring and management

Keep your business going 24/7 with Koman proactive monitoring and management services. Designed to maintain optimum operating time and performance of your IT infrastructure, Koman's services ensure business continuity and complete peace-of-mind.

Network Watch: Provide monitoring and management for your network and security devices including routers, switches, firewalls, WAN accelerators and load balancers.

Server Watch: Provide monitoring and management for your server environment including physical and virtual servers, SANs and backups.

Voice Watch: Provide monitoring and management for your IP Telephony related infrastructure including voice gateways, call manager servers and voicemail systems.

Maintenance and support

Network Support Watch: Minimising downtime of your networks, servers and voice systems is a challenging part of keeping your business up and running 24/7.

Koman provides a cost effective maintenance and support service that ensures maximum operating time of your IT system environment. This involves hardware fix and replacement services, and software upgrades to ensure your business get the maximum out of the investment it invest in IT.

End point management

Off-load the headaches of endpoint management and user support with a broad range of service tailored to your unique business's requirements.

Areas of end point management include:

  • Operating systems
  • Printers and multifunction devices
  • User mobility, remote access and mobility devices
  • User support
  • Workstations / notebooks

Application Management

Keeping business critical applications secure, efficient, effective and current can be a demanding and mind-numbing task.

Koman understands the challenges most businesses face in managing their application environment. We are ready to take on these challenges on your behalf. We monitor and manage your applications to enable variation, and ensure maximum availability.

Onsite Support Services

Today's managers are faced with the challenge of delivering IT services that fully support the business under gradually shrinking budgets and intensifying expectations from internal and external users.

Koman can help you meet these challenges that minimise the upfront investment, long-winded implementation times and management hurdles of on-site solutions.

Areas of onsite support service include:

  • Managed backup
  • Managed disaster recovery

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