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We help clients put their technology infrastructure in place by:

  • using our project management and logistics skills to manage large scale roll outs, product upgrades and refreshments
  • managing day to day installs, additions, moves and changes to our client’s technology base
  • helping clients with parts, spares management and asset tracking
  • helping clients with technical training needs

We pride ourselves on being aware of our client needs and packaging a solution to meet them. Underpinning our flexibility is our credential in the industry.

Network Cabling

Registered master cabler (Type: OPEN AND endorsements). Abide by the ACMA cabling provider rules.

UTP category 5e and optic fiber certification

An approved KRONE™ Master Cabler

An approved supplier of Hills™ Home Hub products

Microsoft OS Computers

Microsoft™ Certified Professional for windows 2000 Professional

Telephone Systems

Certified administrator of Alcatel™ 4400 PABX telephone systems

Networking Infrastructure

Qualified administrator of CISCO™ routers and Smarts™ fault analysis software

Data recovery

An approved agent of Data Recovery Services

Cable and Appliance safety Testing

Qualified technician to test cable and appliance safety


Certified administrator in ethical hacking and security counter measures

An approved supplier of Xandros Linux


Hills Home Hub
Microsoft Certified Professional
Cisco Systems
Certified Ethical Hacker
Xandros - Making Linux Work for You

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