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Hi Mum, Hi Dad, Hi Granny with Koman

The provision of video conferencing services to customers plays an important role in today's business environment in Aged Care and Disability Care - whether it is thanking customers and family for their contribution to your business, recognising employee passion in quality care, celebrating milestones or to attact new customers.

Our 'Hi Mum, Hi Dad, Hi Granny' (Hi) is an on-site video conferencing service (via Skype), designed for older people, people living with a disability and carers. The act of online live chatting helps to foster deep relationships, thus, a form of lifestyle enhancement.

Our mobile stations can go almost anywhere. With backgrounds in Business, Information Technolgy Support, Aged Care and Carer Support Groups facilitation, we have the know-how and experience to create a virtual visit to remember.

Choose the right Hi from our extensive range including Australia's finest Hi 15 minutes, Hi 30 minutes, Hi and flowers, Birthday gifts, luxury gift hampers, gourmet hampers, champage and wine gifts.

For tailored solutions to your corporate or personal individual orders or for more information, contact us by emailing koman@koman.com.au. Our Customer Service Team will personally assist with your orders.

koman Hi Mum, Hi Dad, Hi Granny Guide

The Koman Customer Service Team is committed to guiding you through the challenges of choosing the right Hi for the right person and meeting your personal requirements, which may include customising Hi to incorporate your own brand. The strength and integrity behind the Koman Team includes:

  • Over 10 years experience within the IT Support sector and 15 years in Community Services and Development
  • Tailored Hi solutions customised or personalised to you requirements and budget
  • Out of hours and special arrangements services available
  • Secure, friendly and confidential environment
  • Delivery within Australia
  • Direct access to all key operations staff
  • Pro-active communications ith clients
  • Convenient payment methods: credit card, PayPal, corporate bulk billing accounts
  • Strict quality standards ensure consistant quality Australia-wide

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